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I have not addressed the “elephant in the room” much, if at all. As most of you know, in the film, Casino, Producer Martin Scorsese and writer Nick Pileggi tell about the Las Vegas casino skim. They show a clip indicating the FBI hidden microphone was inside a vent in the back of a store. …

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Gangland Wire

Gangland Wire tells the real story behind the book and film, Casino. The film’s Director, Gary Jenkins, was an Intelligence Unit detective with the Kansas City Police Department. It is not often that a documentary filmmaker is ┬áa participant in the events documented. He starts with a local mob squabble that escalates into several murders …

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Chicago Outfit

The Chicago Outfit has its roots in Sicily as with other La Cosa Nosta (LCN) style organized crime organizations of La Familia. As with the New York based LCN families, the old world ┬áMustache Petes were usurped by ┬áthe younger mobsters in the 1920s. Al Capone and┬áProhibition┬ábrought national attention ┬áto the Chicago family. Capone made …

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