John Lee Pettimore follows a southern family tradition, supplying illegal intoxicants to buyers. He learned a trick or 2 from “Charlie.” You can tell your age if you know that cultural reference.

This week Scott takes us to Neil Young. Neil’s drug use may have put him in the same neighborhood with some crime and criminals. I like the reference to armed and barricaded folks. Takes me back to my days as a SWAT team member.



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If you are like me, I love songs about the seamy underbelly of society. My son, Scott Jenkins, was once accused of only liking songs about whiskey and killing. Well, the leaf does not drop too far from the tree. We both like golf and songs about whiskey and killing. Here is a link to the first song.

Comment if you have any additions we can add to this list.



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Gangland Wire

Casey McBride is credited with this piece. He examines the three stories about how the Prime Minister of the Mob, Frank Costello inherited an interest in the Crescent City. Which of them, if any, is true I cannot say, and will leave it for the reader to decide.

Story number one:

As many readers will no doubt already know, Louisiana Senator, Huey Long, was a notorious boozer. This story claims Long was so drunk at a country club one night he got impatient waiting at a urinal, and let loose between the mans legs who was using it. Apparently, he had terrible aim and the man began stomping a hole in Huey. An attendant called for Frank Costello, who was also at the club, and Frank, as always, smoothed things over. Long was grateful, and the two struck up a mutually beneficial friendship.

Story number two:

New Orleans legend, Diamond Jim Moran received a phone call from Frank Costello, warning him of a plot to assassinate Huey Long, at the Roosevelt Hotel. Diamond Jim, passed this information on to his friend Long, who’s bodyguards immediately raided the residence at an address Costello had provided. Though they did not find their suspects, they found evidence that a plan had indeed been put in the works. Long told Moran to pass a message on to Costello, and the message was, “tell him he has a friend.”

Story number three:

In a much less dramatic, though likely more accurate telling, Frank Costello himself insisted he had met Long over dinner at a country club. Both men had a penchant for politicking, gambling and chasing women. The two simply liked each other and struck up a friendship which lasted until Long’s death.

So I suppose the answer to Joe Gallow’s question would be, Huey Long. He would invite Costello to bring his slot machines to Louisiana in 1935, and the pair would prove to be a successful partnership; but that is another story…

By Casey Robert McBride

Curator at Uncle Frank’s Place

Lead editor at the NCS, Casey was the first blogger to set foot in the Social Club, and is the curator at Uncle Frank’s Place, that little corner of the NCS dedicated to the discussion and preservation of the life and times of racketeer Frank Costello. Casey’s philosophy is to specialize. “There is simply too much information for one person to know it all.” he claims. “That’s the beauty of the NCS. We have folks from all walks of life, all with different interests and expertise, and it’s growing all the time.”

This is the best and most comprehensive Mafia interest Facebook page out there. I am an administrator along with several other mob experts. I am amazed at the depth and breath of mob knowledge these guys bring. I suggest you click here and become a fan of the National Crime Syndicate.

Anthony Casso is a member of the Lucchese crime family. He is currently serving several life sentences. He was at a Supermax prison in Colorado. In 2013, he was transferred to a Residential Reentry Management (RRM) facility in Minneapolis. RRM is a type of halfway house for inmates in Federal custody. However it is doubtful if he will be released

A little history on Casso – in the 1980s, He was involved in plots to avenge the death of Gambino crime family boss Paul Castellano.  In 1986, Casso helped set up a plot to blow up John Gotti. This plot did not come off as planned and a Gotti associate named Frankie DeCicco was killed in a car bombing.

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa

Gotti being Gotti retaliated. A hit team ambushed Casso a few month later and shot him six times. However, Casso survived and went on his own vendetta. He had connections to the “Mafia Cops,” NYC Detectives, Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito. They grabbed one of the shooters, James Hydell. Casso tortured him for information before killing him. He learned this name Nicky Guido and these same detectives gave Casso an address for Guido. As a result, an innocent citizen was killed instead of Guido.

Casso was on a murder binge and ordered a crew to kill a mobster named Fat Pete Chiodo In May 1991, a three-man team shot Chido 12 times and left him for dead. Mistake, he survived and started cooperating with the Feds.

In January 1993, the authorities arrested Casso. The arresting officers found $340,000 in cash and a stash of FBI confidential documents at the time of his arrest.
Casso tried several times to escape and even plotted to have the judge on his case murdered. Casso felt that he was not being supported b y his crime family and became an informant. He admitted his involvement in at least 36 murders. In March 1994, Casso pleaded guilty to numerous crimes including 14 counts of murder. He was given a recommendation for leniency in his sentencing.Casso was not a good cooperating witness. He continued to cause problems in prison, got into fights and bribed guards to bring him special food and drinks.In 1997, the authorities kicked him out of the witness protection program and ended their agreement with Casso because he had broken the conditions of the leniency deal. Anthony Casso became the first crime boss to be kicked out of the witness protection program. Casso was sentenced to 13 consecutive life sentences. He made several attempts to appeal this decision, but he had no luck.

Casso tried to redeem himself in 1998 and talked to 60 Minutes his

Mafia Cops

association with the “Mafia Cops,” Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito. The U.S. Attorney had enough of Anthony Casso and refused to use him to convict the two corrupt cops. Actually, theyb would have but they already had a Casso associate named Burt Kaplan to testify about the “Mafia Cops.”

Photo from Life For the Mob

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