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.22 Cal. Killers

The .22 Caliber Killings: Inside the Mafia’s Infiltration of Two FBI Field Offices  During the post War period to 1968, the FBI and a few local police department Intelligence Units made liberal use of extrajudicial... Read More
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New Years Bonus

Gangland Wire 2021 I wish all you guys a Happy and Prosperous 2022. Like everybody else, I feel like I just lost a year and more. The podcast kept me going and all of your... Read More
  • Gangland Wire Crime Stories

Prison story with Steve St. John

Gary interviews Steve St. John about an interesting character Steve met in prison. Stephen Blumberg once lived off a $72,000 annual family trust fund. But, he helped a dark secret compulsion that will send him... Read More
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John Ambrose U.S. Marshall

Witness Protection Failed The story of John T. Ambrose Merry Christmas Wiretappers. I am here in the studio alone today, and while noodling around, I found an interesting Chicago Outfit story that I had never... Read More
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Dominic Taddeo – Rochester Mob

Dominic Taddeo and the Rochester Crime Family Venmo me @ganglandwire Click here to “buy me a cup of coffee” To go to the store or make a donation or rent Ballot Theft: Burglary, Murder, Coverup ... Read More

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The Two Tonys

If you ever saw the film, L.A. Confidential, then you know a little bit about this story. In James Ellroy’s fictional book and film, LA Confidential, two men, known as the “Two Tonys”, Tony Brancato…

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