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Gunnar Alan Lindbloom and the Detroit Mob Part 1

Gunnar Alan Lindbloom visits Gangland Wire in this first of a two part series on his life in the Detroit underworld. Gunnar was the 1/2 Sicilian which kept him out the the Brogata or La... Read More
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Pete Rose and the Mob

Pete Rose gambled on his own team and with mob connected bookies, here are a few details. The Dowd Report is a 252-page report included testimony that Rose bet $2,000 on the Reds in every one... Read More
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Listener’s Input and Mad Sam Follow-up

Listener responses. Terry Johnston from Cedar Hill Tennessee asked about the St. Louis crime family. I responded privately but so you guys know, the KC family had little to do with St. louis. They were... Read More
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Most Wanted Wednesday

The ATF is seeking international firearms trafficker, Sheriff Olaleran Mohammed. Mohammed smuggled firearms from the U.S. to Nigeria and made false statements on firearms purchase records. In October 2012, Mohammed shipped a container containing vehicles... Read More
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The Trial of Al Capone Part 2

This second episode recounts in great detail the interactions between jurors in the famous trial of Al Capone for income tax evasion. CAPONE JURORS NATE C. BROWN, 64, retired, Protestant, SL Charles. BURR DUGAN, 54,... Read More

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