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Jerry Catena

Jerry Catena the early years Gerardo Jerry Catena was born in 1902 in South Orange, NJ. He made early connections to Jewish gangster “Longy” Zwillman working as a bodyguard and chauffeur. Later, he worked for... Read More
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Gay Bars and the Mafia

Genovese Capo Matty the Horse Ianiello and Gay Bars Author Phillip Crawford Jr. has released a dramatic and shocking account, The Mafia and the Gays, showing how the New York Mafia and the Chicago Outfit used... Read More
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Zoom Call with Dennis Griffin

Frank Cullotta RIP December 14, 1938- August 20, 2020 In this episode, Gary hosts a Zoom call with podcast supporters who have either donated money or time to keep the podcast going. Since Frank Cullotta... Read More
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An Australian Fan interviews Gary

Australian Fans Dan Bashford from Southwest Australia and I talk organized crime in both Kansas City and Australia. Dan is a long time podcast supporter and an ardent fan of all things organized crime. I... Read More
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Saratoga Springs, Arnold Rothstein and the Mob

Arnold Rothstein develops Carpet Joints Greg Veitch, retired Chief of Police has written two excellent mob history books a bit a little known but an important period of organized crime history. Starting at the turn... Read More

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