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Mad Sam and Sam Giancana Part 5

Crimaldi tells about Mad Sam DeStefano going to Outfit boss Sam Giancana and asking for a package deal to murder three men. One was a man named Leo Foreman and Giancana gave his permission. The... Read More
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Crimaldi talks about other murder plans Part 4

Charles Crimaldi tells Robert Wiedrich about his day-to-day life. He recounts a situation where he warns off a guy he did not want to kill but warned the guy, if he showed up a certain... Read More
  • Gangland Wire Crime Stories

Day to Day life of a Hitman Part 3

Crimaldi tells about the day-to-day life of working for a maniac like Mad Sam DeStefano. He tells how DeStefano got himself placed in a hospital while incarcerated. He paid off the guards to leave the... Read More
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Charles Crimaldi Part 2 Northlake Hospital

Suburban Hospital Hideout In this episode, Charles Crimaldi tells Chicago Tribune reporter Robert Wiedrich about Northlake Community Hospital. He alleges the Outfit owned a man he knew as Dr. Bruni and this doctor would admit... Read More
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Charles Crimaldi – Outfit Hitman Part 1

Charles “Chuckie” Crimaldi – Portrait of a Hitman Chicago mob hitman Charles Crimaldi once explained his job this way: ”I’ve broken arms, and I’ve broken legs, and I’ve watched a man die with a knife... Read More

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