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Harry Jones Kansas City Mob Reporter

For our media on Monday, the Kansas City Mob is the subject of your interview of a retired Kansas City Star reporter who covered the Kansas City Mob extensively in their 1970s heyday. Harry Jones... Read More
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Bonus Short – Song by Cojac

Salvatore E Suo Goomba or Sam and His Close Friend is a song about young mobsters. In this song Cojac tells the story of a young Kansas City mob guy from the North End who... Read More
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Inside the Walls Puppies For Parole part 6

From behind the walls of the Western Missouri Correctional Facility, this week the Boonie Hat Bandit tells about three good dogs ready for adoption. One has been there almost a year. Cowboy, a mixed breed... Read More
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Rob the Mob Part 2 Tommy Uva goes down

In the movie, Tommy Uva made the mob guys strip to their underwear and lay on top of each other and act like they were humping the bottom guy. I found nothing to substantiate that... Read More
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Bonus short “Duro Antonio” by Cojac

Listen to an original song written by performer Cojac. He tells a story of the streets in Kansas City.   Don’t forget to listen to Aaron on the Big Dumb Fun Show. To go to... Read More

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Civella and the Villa Capri microphone

On June 26, 1975, Carl “Cork” Civella, brother to KC Mob boss Nick Civella, and Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna were at thier favorite table inside the Villa Capri bar when they discussed Las Vegas casino problems…

Mob Books Reviews

I noticed that a lot of podcast listeners are really great mob historians themselves. They get this from reading their personal libraries of mob nonfiction books. I have decided to do a weekly blog piece…