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Kill the Irishman

Gary and his social media marketer, Basel Tarabishi, discuss the mob film Kill the Irishman. We both loved this modestly budgeted film because the screenwriter constructed a tight script with colorful characters without making them... Read More
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The Future of the Gambino/Gotti Family

Happy New Year Wiretappers! In anticipation of a special Newsmax television special on John Gotti, Gangland Wire researched the most recent information on who might be the new leadership group of the former Gambino/Gotti crime... Read More
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John Gotti and the Informant part 2

Merry Christmas Wiretappers! In part 2, I interview Steve St. John, a former prison inmate who served time with retired New York Police Detective William Priest who was an informant for John Gotti. I recently... Read More
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John Gotti and the Informant Part 1

This case starts with the FBI taping members of Gambino Capo John Gottis’s Bergen Hunt and Fish Club crew.  This included his brother Gene Gotti and his good friend Angelo Ruggerio along with John Carneglia.... Read More
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Merry Christmas Wiretappers

Myself, Cam Robinson, Larry Henry, Bill Ouseley, Casey McBride, Synova Cantrell, and all the staff here at Gangland Wire Crime Stories wish all our friends a very happy Holiday season. I am off for Texas... Read More

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Murder in Chicago!

A great short documentary on murder and other crimes committed by the Chicago Outfit. Don’t forget to listen to Aaron on the Big Dumb Fun Show. To go to the our store click here To rent Gangland Wire,…

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