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Owney Madden and Primo Carnera

We talked in our first episode on the Irish mob about Owney Madden getting into promoting and managing and gambling on professional boxing. Like professional criminal activities, for young Irish and Italian guys, professional boxing... Read More
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Westies Part 2 Jimmy Coonan goes down

Jimmy Coonan brought the Westies into the 20th Century and presided over the most bloody and violent gang in New York City history James Coonan was a baby boomer born December 21, 1946. He became... Read More
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Charles Starkweather, Stone Cold Killer

Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate spread fear throughout the high plains of Nebraska in the 1950s. In 1958, starting in their hometown of Lincoln Nebraska, they went on a killing spree that transfixed the United... Read More
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The Kidnapping of Bobby Greenlease Part 2

As word of the kidnapping hit the media, it became a nationwide sensation. Kansas City was already a city famous for crime ever since the Union Station Massacre. The Greenlease ransom of $600,00.00 was the... Read More

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Jimmy Hoffa and Morris Shenker

Morris A. Shenker was a St. Louis lawyer who represented Midwest mob figures in the 1950s and became a lawyer for Jimmy Hoffa and the $700 million Central States Teamster’s pension fund. He encouraged the…

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