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Lupo The Wolf – A Story of the Black Hand

Ignazio “the Wolf” SaiettaIgnazio Lupo, AKA Lupo the Wolf, was a Sicilian-American Black Hand leader in New York City during the early 1900s. His business was centered in Little Italy, Manhattan, where he ran large... Read More
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Joe Petrosino and The Black Hand

Joe Petrosino was the first cop to investigate the Mob in the United States. Steven Taltry has written a thrilling account of Petrosino and his investigation into the Black Hand, an organization that will morph... Read More
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D. B. Cooper Copycat – Follow-up

Martin J. McNalley told us about his attempted prison break with Garrett Brock Trapnell. In this episode, we learn how the daughter of the woman, Barbara Ann Oswald, who tired to break Mac and Trapnell... Read More
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Gunnar Alan Lindbloom and the Detroit Mob Part 1

Gunnar Alan Lindbloom visits Gangland Wire in this first of a two part series on his life in the Detroit underworld. Gunnar was the 1/2 Sicilian which kept him out the the Brogata or La... Read More

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Crime Song of the Week

Ruben “Hurricane” Carter was a famous professional boxer in the 1960s. He fought six times in 1963, winning four bouts and losing two. He was in the top 10 Middleweights when he surprised the boxing world by…

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