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Carmine Galente

Carmine Galante was born Camillo Galente on February 21, 1910, in East Harlem, New York City. Like many La Cosa Nostra mobsters his parents, Vincenzo “James” Galante and Vincenza Russo, had emigrated to New York... Read More
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The Aiuppa Bribery Case

In the 1960s, the Chicago Outfit owned practically all the local government officials and a lot of cops. In this podcast we tell about a failed bribery attempt. An incorruptible Cook County Deputy named Donald... Read More
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Indiana Organized Crime

First of all Wiretappers, don’t forget to buy me a cup of coffee on Venmo at ganglandwire. Today we must thank our frequent guest host and mafia researcher screenwriter Camulius “Cam” Robinson. In this episode... Read More
  • Gangland Wire Crime Stories

David Breakspear on Cops

Don’t forget to buy me a cup of coffee on your venmo app at ganglandwire. In this show we talk with our British friend, David Breakspear. He spent a large part of his life “under... Read More
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Last Brother Standing

This is a possible title for my upcoming documentary about the Kansas City mob war of the 1970s. This is the story of the ruling Civella brothers, Nick and Cork Civella and the upstart young... Read More

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Willem Holleeder Part 2

In Part 2, David Amoruso continues the story of Dutch master criminal Willem Holleeder and how he became the leader of a major Dutch motorcycle gang called the No Surrender. and eventually challenged the American…

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