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Narcos with Ron Chepesiuk

This is a repeat of last week, I forgot to attach the audio and then was out of town all week. Sorry for the delay of the audio podcast. The subject of this episode is... Read More
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John Dillinger Escape – Episode 2

  In episode 2, we discuss the frantic flight of John Dillinger and Herbert Youngblood. Lillian Holley and every law enforcement officer in the Midwest was on the lookout for Dillinger. He was wearing out... Read More
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John Dillinger Escape – Episode 1

In this first episode of the exciting story of John Dillinger and his jailbreak the listener learns how John Dillinger was wanted for killing a police officer during a bank robbery when he was captured... Read More
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Owney Madden and Primo Carnera

We talked in our first episode on the Irish mob about Owney Madden getting into promoting and managing and gambling on professional boxing. Like professional criminal activities, for young Irish and Italian guys, professional boxing... Read More
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Westies Part 2 Jimmy Coonan goes down

Jimmy Coonan brought the Westies into the 20th Century and presided over the most bloody and violent gang in New York City history James Coonan was a baby boomer born December 21, 1946. He became... Read More

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Dean O’Banion Death in the Flower Shop

Dean O’Banion was born on July 8th, 1892 in Maroa Illinois. His father, Charles O’Banion was an Irish Immigrant. Charles was a house painter and took his family to Chicago and lived in a neighborhood…

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