Kansas City Mafia

August 23, 2012

The origins of the Kansas City Crime Family, known better on the street as the “Outfit,” date back to the early part of the 20th Century. A small band of immigrant Italian/Sicilian predators, operating in the Little Italy north end section of the city, coalesced, organized and united during prohibition to become an organized crime entity. During Prohibition the Kansas City mob became part of a nationally structured Italian/Sicilian syndicate that came to be known as La Cosa Nostra. Chosen as the Kansas City boss of the Outfit in 1953, Nick Civella was arrested at the famous 1957 meeting of La Cosa Nostra Bosses in Appalachia, Mew York. The Kansas City Outfit was riding high during the 1970s.  This video tells about those beginnings.

Two unrelated events would result in the end of the Outfit’s Las Vegas money train and the incarceration of Outfit leaders from Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Kansas City.

The first event was the murder of an Outfit member named Nick Spero in November of  1973. Nick was a Teamster’s union official. Nick was seen as ambitious and seeking to expand his power with the outfit. The Civella dominated Outfit could not allow anything to threaten their influence over the Central States Teamster’s Pension Fund. In true gangland fashion, Nick Spero’s body was found in the trunk of his car in an isolated area of North Kansas City.  Nick’s brothers did not let the murder of their brother go unanswered.

The second event began with an entertainment district development known as the River Quay. A businessman named Marion Trozollo parlayed his Teflon-pan success into revitalizing the rundown City Market district. The River Quay quickly became the hippest entertainment area in Kansas City. The Outfit believed they had a proprietary interest in the City Market area. The son of an Outfit soldier, Freddie Bonnadonna opened a successful River Quay bar called Poor Freddie’s. Freddie Bonnadonna had an exclusive contract to lease night-time parking rights in City Market parking lots. Outfit members became jealous of Freddie’s success. This, in addition to Freddie’s resisting the introduction of mob controlled strip clubs into the Quay, set into motion a series of violent and deadly events.

Gangland Wire tells the story of how revenge, greed and jealousy put the F.B.I. on a path leading to the end of Mafia influence over Las Vegas casinos and over the Teamster’s union and their Central States Pension Fund.

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14 comments on “Kansas City Mafia

  1. misty cox Jul 29, 2015

    I was wonderibg if u guys had any storys bout eddie david cox .im his daughter n just. Was curios

    • Ryan R Haynes Sep 6, 2016

      I was in pekin il with your father he was a good man

    • I knew him at KSP. He was a good friend of Lynda Pearson.

    • Steve st john Jul 13, 2019

      I am listening to your podcast find it very interesting you are very well rehearsed know a lot EDDIE Cox was a great lawyer without a license but better then most lawyers

      • Gary Jenkins Jul 16, 2019

        Thank you and it was great to talk with you today. I heard Eddie Cox was a good lawyer. He worked for
        Bryon Fox when he was out last time.

  2. Jonathan Patrick lee Aug 22, 2015

    my grandfather was friends with cork and his cousin was the mistress and they became close frienss. my grandfather was a full blooded be German. Hesse. I’ve only ever heard stories and want some facts. I always see these decadent pictures at the starburst and all are dressed to the t

  3. jenkslaw Sep 2, 2015

    Very interesting, just read my blog and get the film to see “the facts.”

  4. johnny Oct 9, 2015

    Has anybody heard of the name Lyle Neal.He was an alleged associate of the Spreo’s.

    • jenkslaw Oct 9, 2015

      Yes, I discuss him in my Spero v. Civella podcast. He was in Witness Protection the last I heard. I wonder where he is now? All the Speros and Conrad Metz are dead, so he does not have enemies left. This is an obscure name, do you know him?

      • johnny Oct 10, 2015

        I used to kinda know him,everybody told me he was connected,but wasn’t sure.Do you know what he used to do for the Spero’s?Don’t know where he is or even if he’s still alive.

        • Jerrian Jan 10, 2017

          I’m actually a long distant cousin of Lyle Neil Bryant. I’d rather not be associated though. Lol

          • Gary Jenkins Jan 11, 2017

            I can understand that. I wonder if he is even still alive.

      • Is Carl Spero okay?

  5. Steve st john Jul 13, 2019

    I am listening to your podcast find it very interesting you are very well rehearsed know alot

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