Gangland Wire

Gangland Wire tells the real story behind the book and film, Casino. The film’s Director, Gary Jenkins, was an Intelligence Unit detective with the Kansas City Police Department. It is not often that a documentary filmmaker is  a participant in the events documented. He starts with a local mob squabble that escalates into several murders and bombings. The Director was assigned to a team that gathered information about these events and the mobsters involved. This local mob war led the investigators to place a microphone in a Kansas City tavern named the Villa Capri. This little mike picked up a lot of disco music from the adjacent jukebox. However, in between songs, monitoring agents heard references to Las Vegas Casino business deals. The mike led to wiretaps on other phones. Before this investigation was over, the F.B.I. was uncovering a national conspiracy of La Cosa Nostra families using Teamster’s pension fund money to finance Las Vegas casino owners. The price for the casino owner being approved for a Teamster pension fund loan was to allow the Midwest mobs to place people into key casino positions. Those employees job was to skim cash from the counting rooms and send it back to Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Kansas City.

Director Jenkins was able to find hours of the audio tape used as evidence to convict the La Cosa Nostra bosses in Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland and Kansas City for this conspiracy to skim. The viewer will hear out of the mobster’s own mouths just how they conducted their business,


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