River Quay Murder

August 19, 2013

Gangland Wire starts in an unusual place. In 1971, a local businessman named Marion Trozollo had an idea to revitalize a blighted area close to downtown. At that time, city dwellers were fleeing to the suburbs and downtown was losing businesses and population. Mr. Trozollo envisioned a French Quarter or Greenwich village type of district in an area close to the City Market. The area took off as artists, clothing store owners, restaurant operators and bar owners moved in for inexpensive rents and proximity to downtown.

Freddie Bonadonna opened a restaurant and bar and found success. He had the foresight to lease unused city market parking lots for the evenings and weekends.  Freddie’s father, David Bonadonna, was a soldier in the Kansas City La Cosa Nostra family. David’s crew chief or Caporegime was William “Willie the Rat” Cammisano. Willie wanted a piece of the parking lot money and David was given the task to convince his son, Freddie, to share in this bounty. David was unable to deliver and this film clip tells what happened.

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