Nick Civella – beginnings

February 28, 2013

Mario Puzo took from real life in his novel, The Godfather. In New York City younger¬†Sicilian immigrants were seeing their fathers victimized by the old fashioned “Mustache Petes” by the Black Hand organization. The young guys ¬†were also being kept out of the more lucrative rackets. They struck back eventually. In 1940s Kansas City, a young Nick Civella¬†showed his independence from the Mustache Petes by holding up “protected” gambling games.

In¬†William¬†Ouseley’s¬†Mobsters¬†in our Midst, former F.B.I. Agent Ouseley writes that on January 22, 1946 a¬†confederate¬†of Nick’s named Joe “Buggy” Anch was murdered. Eight days later, Nick was meeting¬†with¬†¬†Jackson¬†County¬†Deputy Sheriff named Louis Cuccia at the Trucker’s Liquor Store, 1901 E. 15th. Nick sat in the passenger seat of his car while Deputy Cuccia sat in the driver’s seat.¬†Gunfire¬†erupted and the Deputy was killed. Nick got away and fled to Chicago, Illinois. He had connections there and was protected until he could negotiate his return.

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  1. Great blogsite. Can’t get the video to play.


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