VincentBorelli Nick CviellaI have not addressed the “elephant in the room” much, if at all. As most of you know, in the film, Casino, Producer Martin Scorsese and writer Nick Pileggi tell about the Las Vegas casino skim. They show a clip indicating the FBI hidden microphone was inside a vent in the back of a store. The character, Artie Piscano, was supposed to be Tuffy DeLuna. First of all, that character was not anything like Tuffy. I knew Tuffy DeLuna and the Artie character was no Tuffy DeLuna. The FBI heard the first mention of the skim in this mike. As you know, in reality, that was at a table in the Villa Capri.  

In the below clip, I found a piece of the Casino film that shows a conversation about the skim and then a conversation Artie_piscanobetween Vincent Borelli (the Nick Civella character) and Artie Piscano (Tuffy). Borelli tells Piscano he must go out and check on the skim. Artie complains about not getting reimbursed for his expenses. He said he was going to keep records so he could get his money back. Borelli tells him, “Artie no records, What do you want to keep records for, to pay taxes.” Watch this clip to see what really happened. I inserted some actual audio from the mike.

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