Nick Civella prison conversation

Battle for las vegasHere is an audio clip from a hidden microphone placed in the visiting area at Leavenworth Prison. Nick Civella is serving his 3 year term from an earlier gambling conviction. This was after the Las Vegas Skimming case search warrants were served and everybody was indicted for that conspiracy.  He is being visited by his nephew, Anthony “Tony Ripe” Civella and his wife, “Kate.” She serving Nick home cooked food. Tony Ripe is talking somewhat in code. He is bringing complaints from someone about not making any money from a prescription drug deal. I believe this may have been the Chicago Mob’s Teamster’s connection Allen Dorfman because they referred to the Rabbi and that was Dorfman’s codename. In the latter part, they discuss a method to make a connection using “Stompy”, Chicago police sergeant and Civella nephew Anthony Chiavola, to get a number for a safe phone to Nick. He reminds his wife, he does not want to hear “nothing about this on the phone.” This is a family business. The secret phone number mailed to his nephew who delivers it to his Aunt Katie and she hand carries it to Nick.         

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