Episode 7 The Bowery

We have new opening and closing segments with local music from Odd-O-Matic, a new independent group with an electro-punk beat with hip-hop undertones. Search for them on Facebook and like their page. To purchase their music go to Itunes.

Episode 7 – The Bowery finds me investigating a River Quay area bar. Can you believe, I witnessed a live sex act? This one is definitely X rated for language. Subscribe to my podcast and tell your friends. Remember, we need to get some donations to pay for studio time. Go to my Shop page and be a part of the Gangland Wire team. Get a Gangland Wire Tee-shirt for your donation.

Upcoming, I recorded a 3-part series on a Klu Klux Klan investigation and another on solving the mystery of the missing Enunciator.

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