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Do you have a service club or other organization that invites dinner or meeting speakers? I have developed a power point supported program to entertain and educate your group about Kansas City Mafia activities, the story of the River Quay, Las Vegas skimming, or the Kansas City Police Intelligence Unit. I can tailor this program to your group’s interests. I charge $175.00 and I can work with any budget for small groups. the only thing I ask is that I can sell my DVD at the program. As of January 8th, I have 6 programs scheduled.  I only have 2 in February and 1 in March. So, give me a call, lets talk about improving your attendance with my speaking engagement.

Dr. LT. Feagan of the Raytown Rotary Club said, “I was just thrilled with our presentation. Warm, humble, thoughtful, entertaining, informative – THANK YOU!”

I also can speak about the Underground Railroad along the Missouri Kansas border. Go to to learn more about my work in this area.


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  1. I would love to discuss a speaking engagement with you for my PEO group of retired teachers here in the Raytown/Lees Summit area. We are a national women’s educational philanthropic organization that began in the 1860s. This is fascinating history that helped mold the personality of Kansas City, and I think it would be a fantastic speaking event for our organization. I’m the program director for my chapter of approximately 40 people, and would be looking to do this sometime in late 2015 or early 2016. Thank you for considering this opportunity!

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