Allen Glick and Frank Lefty Rosenthal

At age 32, a real estate developer named Allen Glick was getting into the casino and hotel business in Las Vegas. He found that making a deal with the Midwest Mafia families got him a 62 million dollar Teamster’s loan. He bought the Stardust hotel and casino. Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal was installed by the Chicago Outfit to oversee the skim. Lefty and Glick clashed and soon the Mob decided they needed a more pliable Strawman to install as the front man owner. Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna was dispatched to tell Glick he must sell out and leave the casino. Tuffy was recorded telling how he had told Glick he must leave the casino. This conversation was recorded at a rear table in the Villa Capri bar In Kansas City.

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