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Louis “Louis the Coin” Colavecchio

Retired Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins brings you the best in mob history with his unique perception of the mafia. In this episode of Gangland Wire, host Gary Jenkins dives into the thrilling story of Louie, “Louis the Coin” Colavecchio, a mob associate from Providence, Rhode Island, with guests Andy Thibault, the author of the book […]

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Nick Civella and the Chicago Outfit Segment 3

In this third and final segment, we learn about Nick Civella, Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna and their relationship with Joseph “Joey Doves” Aiuppa and the Chicago Outfit. Nick Civella teamed up with the Chicago, Milwaukee and Cleveland Mobs to influence a 62 million dollar Teamster’s Pension Fund loan and finance a man named Allen Glick to

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I have not addressed the “elephant in the room” much, if at all. As most of you know, in the film, Casino, Producer Martin Scorsese and writer Nick Pileggi tell about the Las Vegas casino skim. They show a clip indicating the FBI hidden microphone was inside a vent in the back of a store.

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Tony Spilotro

On June 9, 1980, the night Frank Bluestein, aka “Frankie Blue”, died, Frank Culotta warned him, “These ‘fuckin’ cops here are real cowboys.” Frankie thought somebody was following him with the intent to rob. Frank tried to tell him it was the cops. Frankie Blue replied, “I got a gun if anybody tries to rob

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