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Unveiling Harlem’s Infamous Purple Gang

Retired Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins brings you the best in mob history with his unique perception of the mafia. Gary interviews well-known mob historian and author Scott Dietche about his most recent book, Hitmen: The Mafia, Drugs, and the East Harlem Purple Gang. Scott Dietche is a nationally recognized expert on organized crime in the […]

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Pizza Connection Episode 4 – the Investigation

The Bonanno Family and drug smuggling In 1972, the Bonanno War is over, Joe and Bill Bonanno are out in Arizona. The Commission appoints Phil “Rusty”Rastelli the new boss of the Bonano crime family. Carmine Galante, the old  Bonanno Consigliore completes a long prison sentence and returns to New York. Carmine Galante was at the

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Chicago Outfit

I have been researching for my next podcast. I have invited FBI (Ret) Agent Bill Ouseley to participate. We will discuss the relationship between Nick Civella, the Chicago Outfit and the Kansas City Outfit. One thing I learned is the relationship between Chicago and Kansas City started before Nick Civella was of any importance. Al

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