Jimmy Hoffa and Morris Shenker

Morris A. Shenker was a St. Louis lawyer who represented Midwest mob figures in the 1950s and became a lawyer for Jimmy Hoffa and the $700 million Central States Teamster’s pension fund.

He encouraged the pension fund to invest in Las Vegas casinos.

During the 1970s, Shenker borrowed several million personally and bought the Dunes Hotel and Casino.

He was supposed to give a kickback to the Chicago Outfit through Allan Dorfman, but refused.

The F.B.I. recorded Outfit enforcer Joe Lombardo threatening his life.

Shenker declared bankruptcy in 1985.

Shenker died of natural causes in 1989 and never paid the Outfit their kickback.

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2 thoughts on “Jimmy Hoffa and Morris Shenker”

  1. I helped recover the loan made to the Dunes by the culinary pension fund. I am trying to remember the name of the attorney for the fund back then. Do you have it? Is he still alive?

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