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Carl Spero

When Harold Nichols, Bob Arnold and I were assigned to help the F.B.I. work on uncovering the theft of casino money from Las Vegas, we had an unconnected assignment for a while. Because the original microphone was placed because of a valid threat to Carl Spero’s life, we were part of a team that was …

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River Quay

I have not said much about the River Quay development. The first 1/2 of Gangland Wire tells the story of how this entertainment district developed. A man named Marion Trozzolo (click on his name to see the book he wrote) had a business in the City Market area. He saw all these great substantial unused brick …

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Jimmy Duardi

After Duardi was released from the Grove Oklahoma sentence, he started holding court at a small used car dealership at Gregory and Troost. A loan shark named Frankie Robertson and a small time mob associate named Joe Sivliango were using this as a front. Joe was involved in cheating lending institutions using wrecked cars to get …

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Chicago Outfit

Nick Civella and Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna discuss a Wall Street Journal story about Joey Aiuppa and Tony Spilotro expanding the Chicago Family to Las Vegas. Nick is not happy with the publicity. Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code

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