Nick Civella and the Teamster – 2

JoeyTheClownLombardoIn the second episode, you will learn about a WW II veteran named Allen Dorfman who returned from combat. Like Roy Williams, Dorfman was a hero and had been awarded the Silver Star.  Dorfman’s step-father Paul “Red” Dorfman was a long time Teamster’s official with ties to the Chicago Outfit.  In 1949, Red Dorfman was one of only 2 trustees of the Teamster Pension fund, called the Welfare Fund at that time. He set up his wife, Rose Dorfman, and son, Allen Dorfman,  as owners of a Chicago branch office of the Union Casualty Co. They were given the responsibility of managing and investing what became the Central States Teamster’s Pension fund. Allen was owned by the Chicago mob. I play a clip from a hidden mike where “Joey the Clown” Lombardo explains to casino owner, Morris Shenker, about Allen Dorfman’s relationship to the Chicago mob. This clip is part of my film and available on this website.

I tell an interesting story about how the FBI learned of a meeting at Phil Simone’s house in Nick Civella‘s neighborhood. Phil Simone was a truck company terminal manger and associate of Civella. Dorfman and Lombardo had come to Kansas City and were meeting with Nick Civella in a Crown Center hotel room. Agent Bill Ouseley was able to listen though a door and hear of plans for a future meeting in KC to discuss Teamster pension fund business. From this and other wiretap information, they knew that the Simone home would be the site of a secret meeting. They were able to get a court order for a hidden mike and had time to do the install. This was, like the Marlo house, within visual distance of all the Civella’s homes. A Kansas City-North neighborhood known as Filamena Acres.

The day came and agents watched KC Teamster, Sam Ancona, pick up Dorfman at the airport. They watched as Nick Civella made great efforts to “clean” off any surveillance. They were all set and poised at the tape recorders in the “wire Room.” Then, nothing, nada, bupkis, no sound but a TV running. Later, they learned the meeting was held in a bedroom. At that time, mikes could not be placed inside a bedroom or bathroom.
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