James S. Duardi and the Oklahoma connection

This podcast is the first of a two-part series about Kansas City Mob associate James S. “Jimmy” Duardi. ¬†Jimmy Duardi was a mobster from the old school. His personality had a range from being a most pleasant fellow to a cold deadly killer. He was the nephew of Gaetanno LaCoco who was a old time mafia leader during prohibition. Retired F.B.I. Agent Bill Ouseley is a guest for this series.

Jimmy Duardi and several others, notably Nate Brancato, conspired to take over a large night club in the Grand Lake of the Cherokees, an Oklahoma resort area. During the course of this operation, the conspirators bribed the County District Attorney, Frank Grayson, members of his staff and the county Bill Ouseleysheriff. Jess Roberts, owner of the Mr. Yuk Club, was the intended victim. The final plan was to open up the county for illegal liquor by the drink, gambling and prostitution at  this club and other clubs. This plan went awry when Duardi underlings, Clifford Bishop and Jack Michael King attempted to assassinate Jess Roberts, the owner of the Mr. Yuk Club.      
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