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Giacamo Tocco – Detroit Partnership

In this episode of Gangland Wire, a Retired KCPD Intelligence Detective looks into the fascinating story of Giacomo “Blackjack” Tocco, an influential figure in the Detroit Mafia. Tocco, born in 1927 and spent his entire life in Detroit, came from a Mafia lineage. His father, William “Black Bill” Tocco, was one of the founding members […]

Giacamo Tocco – Detroit Partnership

Joseph “Joey the Clown” Lombardo – Chicago Mafia

One hidden microphone in the Villa Capri restaurant in Kansas City led to wiretaps and hidden microphones in Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Chicago and 19 separate wires in Kansas City. In Chicago, agents developed probable cause to place a tap on a telephone in the office of Allen Dorfman. They soon learned that Chicago Mob Caporegime

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