Sam Giancana Part 2

Momo giancanaIn Part 2, David, Aaron and Gary discuss Sam Momo Giacana and his rise in the ranks and how that leads to his downfall. Momo Giancana would rise to the top of the Chicago Outfit duing the 1960s and 1970s. He will become a high profile gangster who draws the attention of the press and the FBI. Agent Bill Rohmer and other Chicago agents will commence Operation Lockstep and follow Momo everywhere he went in a very aggressive manner. Momo Giancana will go to court and get an order requiring the agents to stay back at least one foursome on the golf course. Chicago Outift members will eventually think he has become too high profile when he becomes involved in a plot to kill Castro with the CIA.

We learn that Momo Giancana acheived success by investing in international gambling success after he moved to mexico to take the heat off from the Chicago FBI.¬†Tony Accardo demanded that Momo Giancana give a share of the profits to The Outfit and Sam refused. He beleived he did this all by himself and was therefore outside the Outfit’s jurisdiction. Accardo was overheard telling a mutual acquaintance the he must “explain him the facts of life. And I mean life” to Momo. Giancana, stubbornly refused to pay. This gave Accardo had another reason to end the life of Momo Giancana

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