Kenji Gallo

Kenji GalloKenny “Kenji” Gallo was born to a well to do Japanese-American family in ritzy suburban Orange County, California. Kenji started his criminal career askenji gallo a quiet but hyperactive kid who entered into the drug trafficking world of the cocaine fueled 1980s in Southern California. He became a gun-toting international drug trafficker who owned a nightclub, produced porn movies, and was arrested for the murder of his own best friend. He married a porn star and became a jet-setting playboy thug. Kenji would make millions for himself and others in stock fraud, extortion, gambling, and the sex trade. An almost spiritual epiphany caused Kenji Gallo to volunteer as an undercover informant with the FBI. His fresh start trying to regain his soul almost caused him to lose his life.

After Kenji Gallo retired from the action filled life as an F.B.I. undercover agent, he wrote  Breakshot: A Life in the 21st Century Mafia. This riveting memoir captures the American underworld from Orange County to South Florida to New York City in all its tawdry spectacle.

You may find Kenji Gallo on Instagram @kenjioc and @betterlivedlives

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