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Ron FinoWhen Aaron and I were at the MobWorld Summit 2018, we had the opportunity to interview Ron Fino. I met him at the previous Las Vegas Mob Con when we were co-presenters in 2104. Ron Fino was born into a Buffalo mob family, the son of a Mafia Capo, Joe Fino. As an adult, Ron would see how the mob boss¬†Stefano Magaddino, corrupted unions and government officials. Ron joined the corrupt Laborers’ Local 210, controlled by Magaddino. he stood up for his union members and was elected business manager on a platform to clean up the union. After an overly successful election, he found that powerful members of the Buffalo Mafia got all the good jobs and were corrupting the labor/management relationship. Ron Fino made the decision to become a contract employee for the FBI. He would report to his control agent about the Buffalo mafia’s activites for the nest 17 years. His cover was eventually blown and the FBI assigned him to work undercover in Russia, the Middle East and Belarus. He found himself in the middle of international arms negotiations and he was involved in a peace deal to bring peace in Gambia after a coup ousted their president.

He had to drop out of the undercover life and he now works as a private detective in the Washington DC area. A major film company is exploring a project on his life with Robert DeNiro and a documentary film, titled Mr. Undercover is scheduled for release next year.


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3 thoughts on “Ron Fino – Mr. Undercover”

  1. William Red Wemette

    Peter Schivarelli was involved up to his ears with the Outfit. There is a news clip showing Frank Schweihs calling Pete from my living room. Frank said, “Yea, is Pete there? What do you mean, who is this? Get Petie on the phone. Yea, Pete meet me at the same place we met before, bring those envalobes with. Didn’t we put a guy on the job? I need to talk to him so set it up”

  2. Mad this whole document showed NYC

    And this is something that happened to in and for BUFFALO.

    SHOW RESPECT when telling our story.

    Btw stephono was long retierd by Rons time

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