Richard Grissom Jr. sentenced.

Richard Grissom Jr.: Apartments Painted and Girls Murdered – Part One

September 19, 2016

The Murders

Joan Butler, Christine Rusch, and Theresa Brown disappeared in June 1989. All three women were in their early 20s and resided in Johnson County, Kansas. All three women knew a man named Richard

Joan Marie Butler

Joan Marie Butler

Grisson Jr. All three women lived in apartment buildings where Richard Grissom Jr. had worked. All three women disappeared at night from their apartments with no signs of a struggle or forcible entry. All three women were young attractive and single.

In Part 1,  retired Leawood, Kansas Police Detective Joe Langer and retired Kansas City Police Detective Tom Robinson tell the listeners a horrifying tale of murder and kidnapping in suburban Kansas City.



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6 comments on “Richard Grissom Jr.: Apartments Painted and Girls Murdered – Part One

  1. Cathy Jun 4, 2017

    Very interesting

  2. Cathy Jun 4, 2017

    Very interesting, no I didn’t say that twice

    • Gary Jenkins Jun 6, 2017

      Great, glad you found this double interesting. You got to love the bit about tricking him to the airport. As they used to say in the old movies, “its always a dame.”

      • stephanie hill Sep 5, 2020

        I use to write him. Very charming man, can see how he charmed those girls. My man found out about want I was doing and hit the roof.

  3. Kerri Travis Jun 7, 2017

    The podcast will not play, even when I open it in a different window?

    • Gary Jenkins Jun 8, 2017

      I hope you got my email yesterday, it is working on my device and I just went into the back of the website and everything appears in order. You can find this on itunes or Stitcher or other podcast apps.

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