Richard Grissom Jr.

Richard Grissom Jr.: Apartments Painted and Girls Murdered – Part Two

September 26, 2016

The Investigation and Arrest

In Part 2 of this horrifying story, retired detectives, Joe Langer and Tom Robinson tell about the

Theresa Brown

Theresa Brown

subsequent man hunt for Grissom. After he escaped arrest in the nearby town of Lawrence, Kansas, Grissom steals a car and drives to Corpus Christi, Texas on the Gulf of Mexico. He was a body builder and attractive man who could be quite charming to young women. While Kansas City apartment complex residents lived in fear and changed their locks, Grissom was living it up in the Texas beach resort community known as Padre Island.

He got lonely and called an old girl friend in Chicago. By then, the national news had picked up the murder investigation and manhunt story. She had seen this

Christine Rusch

Christine Rusch

and had talked with other mutual friends in Kansas City. She was smart enough to not alert him and kept him calling back for several days while she alerted the Kansas City Metro Squad investigation team. Langer and Robinson were instructed to fly to Padre Island. Grissom begged the girl to come to Texas and she agreed to help set up an arrest situation.

Hear the inside story of a dramatic arrest at a Texas airport.

Joan Marie Butler

Joan Marie Butler

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4 comments on “Richard Grissom Jr.: Apartments Painted and Girls Murdered – Part Two

  1. Heather Oct 4, 2016

    He was our maintenance man while I was in high school. The girls lived in the next building. It was truly frightening.

    • Gary Jenkins Oct 4, 2016

      Thanks the interest Heather, I put this on facebook and got a lot of comments from folks who knew him or were affected by his crimes.That must have been where he grew up. Our detectives said he killed a woman while he was a juvenile. If you ever listen to the podcast on iTunes, it would help a lot if you gave us a review. I have a facebook page, Gangland Wire. I do a lot of mob stories, but I am going to do some more lie the Grissom case.

      • Troy Cole Nov 2, 2016

        Good to hear the case from the guys who worked it.

        • Gary Jenkins Nov 3, 2016

          Thanks Troy, Joe and Tommy told a compelling story.

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