Kansas City Mafia Film Festival

This program starts on Saturday November 24 with a 1:00 PM screening of Gangland Wire, the story of the River Quay Mob War followed by a 3:45 panel discussion with Kansas City Mob historians Bill Ouseley, Terence O’Malley and Gary Jenkins. This panel discussion will be followed by a screening of the Kansas City Mafia documentary, Black Hand – Strawman: The History of Organized Crime in Kansas City. One ticket price gets you both films plus the panel discussion by these mob experts. Come for all or whatever part you want to see.

On the second day, Sunday November 25, the program will start with the screening of Black Hand Strawman at 1:30 followed by a Q & A with filmmaker Terence O’Malley. At 3:45 Gangland Wire will screen and be followed by a Q & A with filmmaker Gary Jenkins. One ticket price gets you both films and discussions.

Kansas City Mafia Film Festival

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4 thoughts on “Kansas City Mafia Film Festival”

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    1. We did not video any of the panel discussions. All the movies are available (except for the Bonadonnq videotape, on amazon or our websites.

  2. I knew a fellow who owned a sundry shop in Kansas City. I believe he was an associate, not a made guy, but I could be wrong. It’s been 45 years since I saw him.
    His name was Joe Guestello aka Nehi. Would love to hear back about this. I know him pretty well. Thanks

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