Frank Schwiehs Hijacker

Frank SchweihsIn 1954, the Chicago Outfit found it lucrative to hijack trucks filled with cartons of cigarettes. They had dozens of corner stores who did not question the history of a case of Lucky Strikes if the price was right. In 1954, an alert tobacco distributor named Alfred Koenecke noticed a truck was following his delivery trucks. He called the Chicago PD and they assigned Det. Bernard Kennedy and Det. Geroge Hanennecke. Mr. Koenecke called the detectives and told them the suspicious truck was marked Unity Refrigeration was parked nearby his distribution warehouse. The detectives responded and Mr. Koenecke dispatched a delivery truck.

The detectives started following the Unity Refrigeration truck who was following the Koenecke Distribution truck. they noticed another car was also following the Unity Refrigeration truck. they stopped that car and found a Koenecke salesman and a Chicago foot patrolman who had just been picked up by the salesman. The identified them and resumed their chase. they caught up with the Koenecke trucj=k and the Unity Refrigeration truck. The detectives stopped the uNity Refrigeration truck and found career criminals Frank Schweihs, age 22, Stanely Bajic and Sam Ciancino. Inside the glove compartment, they found a .38 pistol and a police scanner set to the Chicago PD frequencies.
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