Jimmy the Weasel Fratianno

In this episode, we taped an interview with Jimmy Fratianno expert George Custer at the MobWorld Summit in our Las Vegas hotel room. We learn that Jimmy the Weasel started as a Cleveland mobster, then passed through the Chicago outfit and ended up in southern California by the 1950s. He made his bones by killing two Kansas City mobsters in Los Angeles. this murder was made famous in the popular Hollywood film, Kansas City Confidential as the Killing of the Two Tonys. Fratianno had a long career as a good earner for the mob and would rise to be a co-boss of the Los Angeles family. He knew how to play the angles and was an informant for the FBI all along to keep the heat off of himself and onto his rivals. In the end, the Bureau forced him into the Witness protection program and he spent the next several years and the last years of his life as a government witness.

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