Women and Undercover Narcotics

February 11, 2019

narcoticsIn this episode, we interview retired Undercover Detective Reyne Reyes. She worked in the most dangerous job of all the Street Narcotics Units before she arrived to work for your host in the Intelligence Unit and then later in the Major Case Narcotics Unit. One of the fun stories she shares is about the time we sent her into a bar owned by a mob bookie. Jackie Dale Norris was soon attracted to Detective Reyes and tried to hire her to work in his massage parlor. He offered many times to share his hot tub with Det. Reyes. This is typical of the delicate balancing act a woman must handle when she works undercover. Reyne was one of the best. She thinks fast on her feet and always has a good explanation and cover story ready, no matter the circumstances.

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