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This is the best and most comprehensive Mafia interest Facebook page out there. I am an administrator along with several other mob experts. I am amazed at the depth and breath of mob knowledge these guys bring. I suggest you click here and become a fan of the National Crime Syndicate.

Anthony Casso kicked out of Witness Protection

Gaspipe Casso last days To learn more about Gaspipe Casso please go to my two-part podcast on the life and times of Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso. “Gaspipe” Casso hated John Gotti and tried to avenge the death of Paul Castellano. He also disclosed that two retired NYPD┬ádetectives had been on the Lucchese payroll. These detectives were …

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Murder Incorporated – Part 3

After the deaths of the Mangano brothers, Costello pushes Anastasia as the new boss of that family. The Commission confirmed AnastasiaÔÇÖs ascension to be boss of the renamed Anastasia family. To take control of the Luciano family, Genovese needed to kill┬áFrank Costello. However, Genovese could not kill Costello without also eliminating Anastasia. To do that, …

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