Bobby Luisi

Boston Bob Luisi

Bobby Luisi was a mafia legacy growing up in the North End of Boston. His father and other relatives worked for the Boston capo Jerry Angiulo. As a young man, Bobby got into home construction and was doing week until the market crash in the 1990s. Bobby Lusi drifted back to his roots, the La Cosa Nostra. He had a good name and he organized some young drug dealers, opened up a loansharking business, and got into some gambling action.  The Boston Family had a lot of internal conflict after the death of Raymond Patriarca. Bobby tells how he was under a lot of heart from the various federal agencies and the State Patrol when he had a problem with a Boston Capo under Patriarca.

Boston Bob goes to Philadelphia

Bobby Luisi tells how he was good friends with Gerald “Jerry’ Oumette from Providence Rhode Island and he negotiated for Luisi to join a Gambino faction. When that fell through, he migrated south to Philadelphia. Here he was connected to Joe “Skinny Joe” Merlino and George Borgesi who welcomed him into their organization.¬† As he got set up with his own crew, a Philadelphia turncoat mobster named Ron Previte recruited him and introduced him to an FBI undercover officer. This introduction will end his career in the Mafia.

Bobby Luisi becomes Pastor Alonso Esposito

The FBI Undercover and informant Ron Previte set up Bobby Luisi and he was convicted of drug dealing. During his prison time, he agreed to testify against a Boston mobster and he was released in 2o12. But, he never testified and ended up working construction in Memphis Tennessee under the name Alonso Esposito. It was here that he had a change of heart and started a Christian ministry and became pastor Alonso Esposito. At the present time, he has returned to his original name Bobby Luisi and he is working on a book about his life in the mob. bobby Luisi has a Youtube Channell called the Bobby Lusi Show where he interviews other former mobsters about life in the mob.

Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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