Vito Genovese with Anthony DeStefano

Vito Genovese – The Deadly Don

Gary interviews Pulitizer Prize-winning Anthony DeStefano on his most recent true crime history, The Deadly Don. Mr. DeStefano writes about the rise and fall of Vito Genovese. This is the very first comprehensive telling of this feared mafioso. Like most mobsters, he began his criminal career on the mean streets of lower Manhattan. He returned to Italy during the 1930s and was stuck there once World War II began. Genovese thrived, running a black market operation under the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

The Return of the Don

After the Second World War was over, Vito Genovese returned to his place as the underboss of the Lucky Luciano Family where he made a fortune as the head of an illegal narcotics empire. DeStefano writes about the role Genovese played in the creation of the Mafia, his rise to the top after he pushed Frank Costello aside to take over the Lucky Luciano family. We discuss Genovese’s narcotics conviction that led to the creation of the most famous mob informant of all, Joe Valachi.

Anthony DeStefano

Anthony DeStefano has been a prolific and skilled chronicler of the New York Crime Families. He wrote Top Hoodlum: the Frank Costello Story, Gotti’s Boys, Vinnie Gorgeous: The Ugly Rise and Fall of a New York Mobster, King of the Godfathers: The Rise and Fall of Joey Massino, The Big Heist, Gangland New York, and Mob Killer.

Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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