Jimmy Fratianno – Bonus episode

August 12, 2021

Jimmy Frattiano and the Two Tonys

This is a bonus episode with a telling of the story of how Fratianno made his bones by murdering the Two Tonys from Kansas City.
Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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3 comments on “Jimmy Fratianno – Bonus episode

  1. Patrick J Fasl Aug 13, 2021

    ….the attorney on the previous podcast (42:34) says it was Frank Bompensiero who was in the backseat with Fratiano when the Two Tony’s were murdered.

    Yet most people say it was Charles Battaglia. Will we ever know the truth?

  2. Jeremy Aug 19, 2021

    Love your podcast,& have rented movies on Amazon.. loving hearing about fratiano..the l.a. mafia is fascinating…

    • Gary Jenkins Aug 23, 2021

      Jeremy, thank you so much! It’s comments like this that keep me going.

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