Alain Olivier Part 2

Most Wanted and The Trial of Alain Olivier

Most Wanted, starring Josh Hartnett and Jim Gaffigan, is the real-life story of a French Canadian drug addict named Alain Olivier and how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police intimidated him into setting up an undercover narcotics operation. This plan went horribly wrong and ended with a Mountie getting killed under suspicious circumstances. In this second interview, Alain Olivier tells about his trial, 100-year sentence, and subsequent life in a Thai prison. The film crew of Most Wanted went to Thailand and used the actual Bang Kwang prison as a set for the time Olivier was in prison. Alain Olivier tells about how the Mounties testified against him to obtain a sentence of death. Once the court passed down a death sentence, they commuted it to 100 years because he was Canadian and Canada does not have a death penalty.

Most Wanted and Prison Life

Alain Olivier tells how one of the Mounties walked up to him during his trial and took a picture of him wearing his 40 pounds of chains for their family photo album. Alain alleges these Officers perjured themselves at trial and misrepresented him as a career criminal. In the end, one of them looked at him and stated “Good Luck Frency.” This became the title of his book and click on the title to find Alain Olivier’s website and the book.¬† Olivier explains in horrifying detail how he survived inside a Thai prison for 8 long years.


The film Most Wanted shows how Alain Olivier adapted to prison life and even thrived by helping his fellow prisoners. A Canadian journalist traveled to Thailand and interviewed Olivier inside the infamous Bang Kwang prison (click for a link to photos of the prison). Canadian journalist Victor Malarek was suspicious after asking his RCMP contacts about the buy-bust and they refused to talk about what should have been their greatest narcotics arrest. He followed up and learned the Mounties were hiding something. After a series of articles appeared, a Canadian attorney was able to get Olivier returned to Canada to finish out his 100-year sentence after 8 years in Thailand. Shortly after, the Canadian courts released Olivier. He is fighting today to restore his good name and to cause reform within the RCMP.
Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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  1. most people know police can be liars and glory seekers ask pete rose the gym owner who became a government witness after getting caught with a kilo of cocaine and only got 6 months in a halfway house and got 2 years in a federal prison for tax evasion tell me what is worse?

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