Real Oklahoma Outlaws

Justice and Davis Gang

Gary interviews retired Oklahoma City Detective Sergeant Richard Mullins about his career and his investigation of the Justice and Davis criminal gang. This was a group of long-time professional criminals who terrorized business owners during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. By the end of their run, they specialized in large grocery stores because they kept large sums of money to cash checks.

Books by Richard Mullins

Retired Detective Sergeant Richard Mullins had written and published two excellent true crime books. The first book, Real Oklahoma Outlaws: the Tue Story of the Davis and Justice Crime Families, tells the story of the famous Justice and Davis criminal gangs. He tells in exciting detail how he investigated these extended criminal families until he brought several of them to justice. His second book tells the story of George Machine Gun Kelly from the viewpoint of his wife Kathryn Kelley, Kathryn: The True Story Of Machine Gun Kelly’s Wife

Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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