Alain Olivier Part 1

Alain Olivier Most Wanted

Recently Gary watched an Amazon Prime movie titled Most Wanted. The film starred Josh HartnettJim GaffiganAntoine Olivier Pilon.  This film was about a Royal Canadian Mounted Police operation that went horribly wrong. The Mounties needed a big drug dealer that was importing China White heroin from the Southeast Asian Golden Triangle. Listen while a recovering drug addict named Alain Olivier tells how he was arrested in Thailand for heroin trafficking. In the second of this tw0-part interview, Alain Olivier will tell about his time in an infamous Bang Kwang prison in Thailand,

Alain Olivier set-up

Jim Gaffigan plays the part of a real-life professional informant who promised his RCMP handlers a real important guy who had the contacts to import multiple kilos of heroin from Thailand. gaffigan’s character brought in the young Alain Olivier to work on his charter fishing boat. The RCMP created a program that they believed would allow them to pass themselves off as mafia members or at least bug0time criminals. First, the Gaffigan character sold Olivier as a guy who had been to Thailand based on the fact that Olivier had gone on a backpacking trip to Thailand and he had used heroin over there. Once he had the confidence of his RCMP handlers, he brought the young Olivier in by offering him a job and allowed him to live on his boat. In an intricate series of subterfuges, the Gaffigan character convinced Olivier he was going to South America to set up a big cocaine deal. During that time, he introduced an undercover Mountie as an organized crime figure. While the Gaffigan character was going to be gone, he instructed Olivier to allow the undercover cop access to his boat for a weekend. The cop arrived to take the boat out with another man. When he returned, he returned alone and Olivier found an expended shell casing and a substance that looked like blood. he alerted Gaffigan and he indicated that the undercover had murdered the guy. Olivier was young and inexperienced in this level of crime so he bought the story. Mr. Olivier tells us that this setup was used in other RCMP drug operations.

The RCMP Plot

Once the Monties realize that Olivier believes they are members of a criminal organization, they start pressuring him to set them up with a drug connection in Thailand. He pleads to the Gaffigan character to convince them that he really cannot do this because the only dope he ever brought back from Aisa was a little brown heroin be bought in Nepal when he was backpacking over there. Gaffigan convinces him that he has to try or they will kill him. The RCMP introduces in “The Fat Man” who supposedly the big boss. They buy him a ticket to Bangkok and essentially babysit him until the plane leaves. Once they are in Thailand, they intimidate him into finding a drug connection.

The RCMP Plot Goes South

Olivier keeps asking around until he finds someone who introduces him to two girls who can get 2 kilos. He tells his handlers and they set up a buy-bust. When the arrest goes down, an undercover Mountie is killed. Olivier claims he heard a shot just before the man died but his fellow officers claim he fell out of a pickup truck during the arrest and he died from head injuries.
Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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