The Rise of Tony Accardo and Ross Prio

Retired Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins tells how Tony Accardo started in the Circus street gang stealing from stores, pedestrians, and loading docks in Chicago’s Loop. Accardo caught the eye of Al Capone during prohibition and was brought in as a bodyguard. He was able to recruit and manage his own crew with Ross Prio and the three Doms, Dominick DiBella, Dominic Nuccio, andĀ  Dominick Brancato. From this power base, Accardo started his rise. His first real show of ambition was when he decided he should become the president of the Unione Siciliana. He used this deadly crew to murder the sitting president, Vincent Benevento. From this point, Anthony Accardo was taken very seriously by both the Sicilian faction and the non-Sicilian faction in the Outfit. He was smart enough to keep Ross Prio and Paul Ricca close to him when he took over as the boss.
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