Curtis Warren Liverpool Drug Smuggler

Intelligence Detective Gary Jenkins tells the story of Great Britain’s most successful drug dealer Curtis Warren. He started as a bouncer in various clubs around the British seaport of Liverpool. Using this job, Warren connected with all the drug dealers and started learning the game from the inside. At the height of cocaine’s popularity as a party drug, Curtis Warren and an established smuggler named Brain Charrington used Charrington’s yacht to slip into France. From France, they secretly traveled to Venezuela and arranged a deal with the Cali cartel to smuggle 900 kilograms of cocaine in steel boxes concealed in lead ingots. When their shipment arrived in the UK, customs officials were not very suspicious, but they cut open one lead ingot. They found nothing and let the entire shipment pass. The Dutch police obtained knowledge of these shipments and alerted the UK customs. Curtis Warren and Charrington already had a second 900-kilogram shipment en route from South America. Customs impounded the ship and found the second shipment. They arrested Warren, Charrington, and twenty-six other members of the crew. Curtis Warren was born under a lucky star because, at court, the British police announced that Charrington was a police informant for the North-East Regional Crime Squad. British Customs officials continued their prosecution, despite protests from the police. In Newcastle Crown Court, it soon became apparent that Charrington was so well informed by his police handlers that the Crown decided to drop all charges against Charrington. Curtis Warran was eventually acquitted of all charges.

Warren was not stopped. He became one of the most successful and inventive drug dealers in Europe. For example, he purchased a vineyard in Bulgaria. He set up cocaine shipments from South America to his winery in Bulgaria. He infused his bottles of wine with cocaine for shipment to England.

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