The Future of the Gambino/Gotti Family

January 13, 2020

Happy New Year Wiretappers! In anticipation of a special Newsmax television special on John Gotti, Gangland Wire researched the most recent information on who might be the new leadership group of the former Gambino/Gotti crime family. Well known former Fox and Friends anchor, Greg Kelly. will interview your Gangland Wire host Gary Jenkins about organized crime on this live show that Newsmax will broadcast on January 16, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM CST.

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3 comments on “The Future of the Gambino/Gotti Family

  1. jim guy Jan 27, 2020


    Love the podcast. I believe that you were discussing Sicilians and heroin in this recent episode. I am a big fan of Selwyn Raab, of the New York Times and his book “Five Families.” In it, Raab writes that Joe Bonnano , who was born in the US, but grew up in Sicily before returning, was the original NY mob connection to the Sicilian heroin trade. NY mob guys referred to Sicilians as “Zips,” and in addition to using them to bring in heroin, often employed them as hit men. There’s a funny story in Raab’s book. Bonnano was in Sicily for a sit-down, and some waiter there was making fun of the American, who he thought could not speak Sicilian. Bonnano of course was fluent in that version of Italian, and set him straight by throwing a pitcher of water at the dude.

    • Gary Jenkins Feb 6, 2020

      Jim, have you ever heard about the Chicago Outfit and any connection with the heroin trade?

  2. GARY JENKINS Jan 27, 2020

    Jim, Thank you for your support. Yes, I am working on a multi-part series on the Zips, the Pizza Connection, the Bonanno family, Carmine Galente and Gaetano Badalamenti. It is one heck of a story.

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