Kill the Irishman

January 17, 2020

Gary and his social media marketer, Basel Tarabishi, discuss the mob film Kill the Irishman. We both loved this modestly budgeted film because the screenwriter constructed a tight script with colorful characters without making them into cartoon characters. This film tells the real story of a 1970s mob war involving an old line but little known mob family in Cleveland Ohio. Gary compared this mob dispute in Cleveland with the 1970s mob dispute in Kansas City which is the topic of his latest film, Brothers against Brothers: The Civella Spero War. The film was stocked with all the usual suspects in a mob film with Paul Sorvino playing the classic overweight mob boss Tony Salerno, Robert Davi playing a hard-eyed hitman, Ray Ferrito, Vincent D’Onofrio playing an ambitious young mafia associate John Nardi and Christopher Walken playing a veteran Jewish mobster named Alex “Shondor” Birns.

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One comment on “Kill the Irishman

  1. Lenny Jan 30, 2020

    My dad was known as the Irishman in Kansas City. He was involved with Carl Civella and Nick Civella from the age of 8 years old.. His dad owned 2 bars (brothels). His mom was a whore. She was 26 when dad was born. His dad was 62. He lived in the brothel and slept under the whores cots, including his mom. He went on to become a mobster with an IQ of 170. He was very involved with the development in Las Vegas.. One of his closest friends was a Bailiff. Steve Kluska was his name. He and Steve destroyed, by fire, all evidence of my father’s records. My father, Gene Toyne, killed approximately 17 people during the late 50s and early 70s. He also tried running for Tramster president but was beaten to a pulp and backed out. He had to explode his home on Summit by turning on the gas and turning off the electricity. About 6 hours later, he called the house phone, which exploded the house. My dad is responsible for the deaths of so many good and bad people. I actually attended Nick Civellas funeral. I witnessed at least 3 murders committed by my dad. De Luna, Cuda, Civella. The list is endless. If you want to talk, great.

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