Battle for las vegasI am preparing to take my film and road show to Las Vegas at the Clark County Library in January. In going back and looking at the events leading up to the Strawman prosecutions, I find the pivotal event was recorded by an F.B.I. wiretap.  Carl “Tuffy” DeLuna was ordered by Nick Civella to go out and order Allen Glick to sell the Argent Corporation. This was done because of ongoing problems with the Mob’s man on the inside, Lefty Rosenthal.

Watch the below clip to learn more about these events and hear the actual wiretap conversation.

Allen Glick testified and verified what was being heard on many of the wiretaps. Since that time, I have been unable to learn anything about his life. I found an address in the San Diego area and mailed him a letter. I received no response. I was able to learn from sources that after he testified, Glick hired off-duty San Diego cops to act as his private security for quite a while. My sources claim he received enough money from the sale of Argent to live out his life in luxury behind a southern California walled community. At the time Glick went into hiding, he had been a successful dynamic real estate developer. I bet he continued to invest in real estate throughout his life, but stayed behind a front man and the corporate shield.

Frank Culotta hosts a mob tour of Las Vegas  and co-authored several books with true crime author, Denny Griffin. Henry Hill openly ran a restaurant, cooperated with documentary filmmakers and gave public talks until he died of natural causes. They both disproved the myth that the mob always gets back at anyone who cooperates with law enforcement.

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  1. Allen Glick was wise to maintain security following his sale of the Stardust and other Argent holdings. He was dealing with individuals who had bumped off Tamara Rand when she gave them trouble and threatened his life as well as those in his family. He lives in La Jolla.

    Here is an article from 2001 which describes some of Glick’s post Las Vegas activities.

    Here is a photo of him with his wife Kathy at a 2012 party in San Diego.

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