Scott Burnstein and the Detroit Mob

March 5, 2018

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Scott Bernstein was one of my first contacts in the true crime mob world. I found his website and blog Gangster Report and realized this guy was a serious student of organized crime. another thing I notices was he also had developed his own sources within the criminal organizations as well as law enforcement. He does a podcast with his co-host Al Profit, Click here to go to the feed.  Scott comes from the infamous Bernstein family who created Detroit’s Purple Gang. Abe Bernstein was the original leader and his brother’s Joseph Bernstein, Raymond Bernstein, and Isadore Bernstein were members of this bootlegging operation during Prohibition.

Scott became fascinated with the Mob when he was a young law student assigned to work with the Illinois Attorney General’a office in Cook County, Illinois. He has gone on to a successful career as a writer and documentary filmmaker. In this podcast Scott tells his history and about the inner workings of the Detroit family and how they got heir hands caught in the Las Vegas Casino cookie jar before Chicago and Kansas City got caught. Scott’s Gangster Report has stories about historical mob figures as well as what is going on in the mob today. A great resource for the mob fan.

Scott has authored a number of mob books including Motor City Mafia and Mafia Prince with Phil Leonetti. Al Profit and Scott Bernstein have collaborated on 3 documentary films, Finding Jimmy Hoffa, The Frank Matthews Story, Detroit Mob Confidential and The T. Stuckey Story: How a man dreamed of forming a record company with Eminem and ended up in prison. Click on the below picture to find these books and films.


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5 comments on “Scott Burnstein and the Detroit Mob

  1. T Antony Apr 19, 2019

    I really enjoy reading scott’s reports im a direct descendent of William ( Billy Loiacano Tony Pro Provanzano the Tocco family’ and the Gacalone Family .

    • Gary Jenkins Apr 28, 2019

      T Antony, thank you for your interest. Scott is a great guy and a real expert on the mob.

  2. Rudolph Coles Jul 28, 2019

    Scott you misrepresented my father Rudolph Coles in your gangster report. Stated untrue things etc put the truth out about my pops just reach out

  3. Marcie Oct 15, 2020

    I love the writings of Scott Burnstein.

    • Gary Jenkins Oct 15, 2020

      I agree a He had a clear concise way of telling stories.

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