Gary Jenkins Talks Mafia

March 19, 2018

I was invited to do a Facebook Live interview with KC Star reporter, Ian Cummings. This is called the Beer Hour and we met at the craft beer joint called the Kansas City Bier Company. I talk about my career in the KCPD Intelligence Unit working with the FBI to investigate the “River Quay Mob War” and the mob war between the Nick Civella faction and the Spero brothers. I also tell Ian how in the investigation of these mob activities we discovered the existence of Mafia skimming from Las Vegas casinos as depicted in the well known DeNiro film, Casino.

I tell how I got started with filming documentaries on antebellum Civil War life in Missouri and the Western Underground Railroad along the Missouri/Kansas border.

Beer Hour with KC mob expert Gary Jenkins

Tune in to Beer Hour as guest host Ian Cummings chats with former Kansas City police detective and local mob expert Gary Jenkins, live from Kansas City Bier Company. Jenkins will talk about the Kansas City mob’s historic links with Las Vegas casinos in the 1970s, and other interesting bits of local lore.

Posted by The Kansas City Star on Thursday, September 28, 2017

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11 comments on “Gary Jenkins Talks Mafia

  1. Kevin Oct 1, 2018

    Just curious, what years were you on the Kcpd?

    • Gary Jenkins Oct 22, 2018

      Sorry I did not see this or something. I was on from 1971 to 1996,

      • Kevin Larkin Feb 7, 2021

        Who knows about kc mafia/mob activité in thee 20’s and 30’s ..
        My grandfather was director of police

        • Gary Jenkins Feb 17, 2021

          Kevin, The book Open City is the best resource about the early mob days. That and the documentary, Black Hand Strawman.

  2. Gina Taylor Nov 18, 2019

    Gary… This Gina Taylor (Spero)

    Just got off the phone with Angel Gonzales… really good friend of mine since 2008. Told him that I went the see your documentaries yesterday.

    He just told me you guys went through the academy and were really good friends. Small world…

    Enjoy the two documentaries…

    • Gary Jenkins Nov 22, 2019

      Thank you! Angel and I were good friends in the academy and ever since. Our careers on the PD took different paths, but that academy bond never breaks.

  3. Karen Conaway Jan 2, 2020

    Gary this is Karen Conaway. I played the stripper part in Brothers against Brothers. I have several people wanting copies of the dvd. Let me know how to get my hands on a couples.

    • Gary Jenkins Jan 5, 2020

      Karen, just tell me where I can drop some off for you. No charge for you.

  4. Peter Raimo May 24, 2020


    My name is Peter Raimo, my great grandfather was officer Joseph Raimo. I’ve been doing research for my family, and my father Bernard Raimo jr., and was hoping you might be able to point me to some sources to gather as much information as possible about both my great grandfather Joe and also the DeFeo family in Kansas City.

  5. Taylor Jul 20, 2020

    I recently found your podcasts and have been burning through them. I’ve heard mention of gangland wire mob tour app? I can not seem to find an app that shows these mob places in the KC area.
    Thank you for all you do!

    • Gary Jenkins Jul 21, 2020

      Thank you. The app is only in the Apple App Store. I had some trouble with Google and cannot work it out.

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