Saratoga Springs, Arnold Rothstein and the Mob

Arnold Rothstein develops Carpet Joints

Greg Veitch, retired Chief of Police has written two excellent mob history books a bit a little known but an important period of organized crime history. Starting at the turn of the century, Saratoga Springs New York developed local mineral springs and a race track into a well-known spa retreat for the rich elite of New York City. The race track gambling drew the mob to this summer retreat. Arnold Rothstein built a large opulent casino called the Brook. he drew other gamblers like Meyer Lanskey, Joe Adonis and Frank Costello. These guys and other organized crime figures copied the idea of going to a resort area, bribing local officials, and building large clubs that included floor shows, fine dining, and a casino. Soon, similar operations became known as “Carpet Joints” and they spread across the country.

Greg Veitch

This former chief of Police is a life long multi-generational inhabitant of Saratoga Springs. He has written two important books that tell about his town’s response to gamblers, prohibition, and political chicanery from the turn of the century to the end of the Depression.

You may find his work at the below websites.





Show Notes by Gary Jenkins

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