Niko Vorobyov and Dopeworld

Niko Vorobyov explores the world of dope

Gary interviews author Niko Vorobyov about his book Dopeworld. (click here to purchase) Listeners learn how Niko started out selling Ecstasy and Marijuana in the London rave scene and ended up doing some time in a British prison. Instead of plotting how to commit more and better crimes upon his release, Niko sharpened his writing skills like well know former prison inmate writers Seth Ferranti or Gunnar Lindblom. Niko’s plan upon his release was to emulate the great character, Hunter S. Thompson, and take his readers on a gonzo journalist trip inside the work of international drug trafficking.

How to Tour a Cocaine Plantation

In one story, Niko tells about taking an escorted tour of a South American cocaine plantation. He learned about this from staying in hostels in Columbia. Niko Vorobyov is one brave dude.

Niko Vorobyov interviews a Phillipino death squad member

When he goes to the Philippines, he learns that the dictator, Rodrigo Duterte, employs “death squads” to combat drug dealing. Niko tells about the most danger he experienced while on his worldwide tour of the narcotics world. He was able to get a face-to-face interview with a Filipino man how was part of a government death squad. Niko’s interview subject sat between Niko and the exit making him incredibly nervous. The man wore a balaclava to hide his identity and waved a pistol in Niko’s face while as he asked him how many people the man has killed.

Show Notes by Gary jenkins

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