Ray Morrow – Broken Shield, An Undercover Officer’s Perspective

Ray Morrow – His Path to Undercover Work

Retired F.B.I. agent Ray Morrow

Ray Anthony Morrow grew up in Aliquippa, PA. He followed the proper path toward a career in law enforcement. He graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. Degree in Law Enforcement & Corrections/ Behavioral Science. His first job was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation where they hired him to be a File Clerk in the FBI’s Identification Division. As soon as he was old enough, he obtained an appointment from the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division. They assigned Ray to the White House Detail where he protected the President of the United States and the First Family. By 1980, he gravitated to private security and Allegheny International hired him away from the Secret Service as an Executive Protection Specialist. Here he used his skills to bodyguard the President of Allegheny International which is a Fortune 500 Company. After building this impressive resume as a personal security specialist, Ray was able to achieve his original dream, in February 1987, the FBI appointed him as a Special Agent. The FBI assigned Ray Morrow to Louisville, KY where he got his first taste working with undercover agents and informants in the division’s Drug Squad.

In May 1989, just two years after his initial appointment, the FBI selected Ray for an undercover assignment where he served as the primary undercover agent in a 2-year police corruption matter. The Cleveland office of the FBI had received many reports of significant corruption among officers of the Cleveland, Ohio police department. This assignment will place at risk Agent Morrow’s life at times and his marriage at other times. In this podcast, Ray Morrow tells this gripping story of how he lived the life of an intermediate-level criminal, ran an illegal casino, convinced Cleveland cops to guard drug and money shipment that passed through Cleveland, ran a tee-shirt printing shop as a cover, and juggled his family life and his professional life with the professional life almost taking away his family life. Ray’s work resulted in the indictments and arrests, of 30 Cleveland Police Officers.

Ray Morrow – Broken Shield, An Undercover Officer’s Perspective

My fellow podcaster retired FBI agent Geri Williams writes this about Ray Morrow’s book. “What most people know about the FBI comes from novels, TV shows, and movies. However, with his memoir, Ray Morrow shows you what it’s really like to be an undercover FBI agent, including the personal sacrifices made by the agent’s family and loved ones. This is the real deal. Outstanding book. Must read!” I must say that I have read many similar books, but I never found a book that I found so hard to lay down and go on to sleep. Broken Shield depicts the tremendous technicalities of FBI work, the danger of undercover life, and the toll that life takes on families. My friend Ray Morrow did this in such a way that we all can understand it. you must get  Broken Shield: An Undercover Officer’s Perspective by clicking on the title.


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