Michael DiLeonardo part 2

Michael Mikey Scars DiLeonardo

This is a re-release of an interview I did last year but it must be listened to again or maybe for the first time. I was able to make contact with Mikey Scars DiLeonardo via telephone. This is a the second of a two part re-release of my first interview. Michael is a relocated federal witness in WitSec or Witness Protection. Mikey Scars is a Mafia legacy because his Sicilian-born grandfather, Vincenzo DiLeonardo, was a captain in the Brooklyn faction run by Salvatore D’Aquila who was the boss of bosses at that time.

Mikey Scars

Michael DiLeonardo grew up in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn with many other future members of the New York Five Families. He got the nickname of Mikey Scars because a dog took a large chunk out of his check leaving a scar. Michael’s father nor his uncles became associated with the Mafia but his brother, Robert DiLeonardo was part of the Colombo crime family until he was murdered on the orders of the Cosa Nostra.

Michael DiLeonardo and the Sammy the Bull Gravano

Michael DiLeonardo knew Sammy the Bull for many years during his life in the Gambino family. he went into the construction business and found that was where Gravano focused most of his attention. Gravano presided over his mob induction ceremony and they both have ended up in the Witness protection. Cammy the Bull has gone outside the program after he took a hit for selling narcotics. He now has a podcast. We learn that Mikey Scars was left twisting in the wind by the Gotti family when he went into prison. They would pick up money from DiLeonardo’s business and not take anything to his wife while he was incarcerated. he told them that he would get out one day but nobody seemed to help.

Mickey Scars on Turning  Government Witness

Folks, this is one of the most interesting and revealing interviews I have ever done. If you want to get a peek behind the curtain of life in the Cosa Nostra in New York City, listen to Michael DiLeonardo’s interview. Mikey Scars describes his grueling decision to abandon every rule and ethic that he held as a made man when he turned witness. He felt the mob left him no choice in this matter after the way the family disrespected him.

Show notes by Gary Jenkins
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