Ori Spado The Accidental Gangster

April 16, 2020

How Ori Spado became a friend to many mobsters

We interview Ori Spado, the Accidental Gangster this week.  Mr. Spado started out as an insurance man who pioneered the extended warranty business for new car dealerships. This part of his life has nothing to do with organized crime but we learn that Spado started in New York where he made connections with some of the early gangsters like John “Sonny” Franzese Russell Bufalino, Meyer Lanskey, and Frank Costello. These men were gangsters who also had a head for business and saw the potential in Ori. He got into trouble with his insurance business by trying to grow too large and too fast. After that failed, he migrated to Hollywood California taking his business and organized crime connections with him.

Ori goes to Hollywood

In Hollywood, he established relationships with folks like President to be Ronald Reagan, talent agency head Jack Gilardi, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Jon Voight, Milton Berle, and Acadamy Award-nominated producer Agostino (Dino) De Laurentiis. Ori tells how he became a Hollywood Fixer or a man who can be counted on to take care of problems. He collected owed debts,  scared away stalkers, or caused studio executives to live up to their agreements. He used his rumored connections with notorious mob bosses like Meyer Lansky, Sonny Franzese, and Russel Buffalino, which were real, to cause folks to do the right thing. These mob connections will eventually get him indicted on a RICO charge and Ori Spado will spend time in a Federal Prison.

Ori Spado has documented his strange and exciting life in his book titled The Accident Ganster and it can be purchased on Amazon or on his website.

Here is an example of an Amazon review. “A fascinating read from start to finish. Not only about the history of organized crime but the journey of one mans ability and willingness to think for himself and reflect on his own actions.”



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One comment on “Ori Spado The Accidental Gangster

  1. Jug Alou Mar 3, 2021

    Nah Ori exaggerates most of his stories

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