Michael McCollum and the Hells Angels

Michael McCollum has a rough start

McCollum started early in a life of crime after his father, a motorcycle gang member, was the victim of a murder attempt where a dynamite bomb was detonated at their family home. Former law enforcement officer Gary Jenkins interviews former Hells Angel and Chicago Outfit Associate Michael McCollum. After having a dramatic enlightening, Michael turned his life around and is working on a book about his life on the wrong side of the law. That is when he is not working out in the gym. Michael’s life started with a rival motorcycle gang planting a dynamite bomb in his home in an effort to send a message to his father.

The Wisconsin Hells Angels order McCollum to murder another member

Michael recounts his young adulthood where he lived a life of crime and how he became the main enforcer for the Hells Angels. He was ordered to kill the club president, Mel Chancey, when it became known he was an informant. Michael refused to commit this murder and ended up joining another motorcycle club.

Reformed outlaw motorcycle club member turns author

He has teamed up with well-known true crime author Denny Griffin to publish this engrossing and exciting story of his life. Michael hopes this book will be published by the end of 2020.



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9 thoughts on “Michael McCollum and the Hells Angels”

  1. I love your podcasts as soon as I get my password for my phone fixed (Apple Stores closed) ill get set up with Venmo in APP store.

    I have a question? Why are in a lot of mob murders are victims put in the trunks of there cars?

    1. I believe that mobsters end up in trunks because they will be killed in one place and then moved to another. Just check out GoodFellas for example. They have often been left in the trunk because it is the victim’s car or a stolen car and no use in taking a chance of moving the body again. This is in cases where they want the body found as a sign to others.

    1. He doesn’t know how to write . He told some beauty in Florida , He was ending the book with how the Hells angel found his Jewish princess and married her

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