Nick Civella and the Chicago Outfit Segment 1

January 21, 2016

In the first of three episodes, Aaron and I invite retired F.B.I. Agent Bill Ouseley to discuss the connection between the Chicago Outfit and the Kansas City crime family. We will discuss the early days of Nick Civella’s criminal career and how his trouble with the Kansas City La Cosa Nostra forced him to fleeBill Ouseley to Chicago on two separate occasions. The second time Nick returns from Chicago, Kansas City mobsters ambush him and a Civella associate is killed. Another Civella associate, Joseph “Buggy” Anch, was killed a few days before this attempt. He returns to Chicago. I studied Bill Ouseley’s books, Mobsters In Our Midst and Open City to prepare for this show.

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2 comments on “Nick Civella and the Chicago Outfit Segment 1

  1. CM Anthony Mangiaracina Jun 5, 2019

    Buggy Anch was my Baptismal godfather. What was his first name?

    • Gary Jenkins Jun 5, 2019

      Joe Anch, guess he and Nick Civella robbed the wrong people. got any stories you want to tell on the podcast?

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