Nick Civella and the Chicago Outfit Segment 2

Open CityIn the second segment, Bill Ouseley tells about Chicago mobster,  Charles “Cherry Nose” Gioe and his connection to Nick Civella and the 1950s KC Mob Boss, Anthony “Tony” Gizzo. Gizzo was made famous during the Estes Kefauver hearings when asked how much money he usually carried and he pulled a stack of hundred dollar bills from his pocket and counted out twenty-five of them. Gioe and other Chicago Outfit members were doing a “bit” in Leavenworth for extorting money from Hollywood film studios. During that time, Chicago Outfit members would travel to KC and Tony Gizzo would meet and transport them to Leavenworth for visits. During Nick Civella’s last Chicago visit, he made friends with Gioe. When Civella was allowed to return, Gioe and probably Chicago Mob Boss Tony Accardo, paved the way and Nick was given the job as Tony Gizzo’s driver. Apparently, all was forgiven and Nick would soon rise from driver to Under-Boss to Boss of the KC Family.

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